We enable clients to connect, track and converse with prospects & customers.

We provide a fully managed set of modular solutions for B2B sales organisations.
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We turn LinkedIn profiles into business lead generators, creating personal introductions to thousands of your ideal customers. It’s the most direct, transparent and cost-effective sales tool on the market.

Our Solutions

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Create additional business leads using your existing website. Our second generation application tracks both online visitors and email.


Create additional business leads whilst reducing costs by interacting with people visiting your site 24/7.

Our second-generation chatbots interact intelligently, enabling you to open up a natural conversation with potential prospects and deal with general enquiries quickly and efficiently.

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Insight discovers leads that have engaged with your competitors in the last 24 hours.

Data & Email

We provide B2B data for sales teams through to fully tracked integrated email campaigns.

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Nigel - Managing Director - MyQ

"Our partnership with B2B connector has been a game-changer, allowing us to identify, access and connect to lots of new prospective customers, we cannot recommend them highly enough"

Our Story

A technology driven sales and marketing company, owned and run by  experienced solution sales professionals.

Our Mission

 To enable B2B sales organisations to adapt & grow cost-effectively in an ever-changing environment. 


We mix technology with hard-earned experience to create world-beating B2B lead generation solutions.

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Cost effective fully managed social media posts to six different platforms